Promise Them Anything, Then Shut The Door To The Fridge...

Some Final Tips and Tricks

I expect fully that you will enjoy the absolute stuffing out of your new menangerie. Because each little guy has his or her own personality, however, I'm afraid that I can offer no guarantee as to behavior. If they get too demanding, you'll just have to find a way to deal with it. My advice is don't let them push you around and you'll do fine. After all, each of them has it in them to be 'well bread.'

You'll just have to work out your own techniques of troubleshooting any problems that crop up. If they whine to get out of the fridge before you've worked off the couple of pounds from the last batch of bread, try to reason with them. A nice thing about it is that you can make promises freely. Just offer that they can have anything they want - tomorrow. Then, simply shut the fridge door. Because their individual life cycle is so short, by tomorrow you will be dealing with offspring who will know nothing of the deals you offered the previous day. Just another reason that you now have billions of perfect pets.

Take care of them; they'll take care of you. Treat them right, and through the years they'll make you an absolutely extraordinary amount of dough. Where else could you expect so much for so little?!

Have a favorite tip, trick or technique? Let me know.

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