SACBO Logo Harrod, Kelly, Ranger

Check out this link for pictures of TOYNOTA at the 2010 SACBO event.

Also there at this year's Blowout were a number of other incredible cars. I put together a slideshow of those, as well. They are linked here.
Note that both open into new browser windows.


In addition to the other cartists, this year we all had the honor of having in attendance Harrod Blank, builder of 7 art cars and producer of the art car movie, Automorphosis. Harrod turns out to be a great individual and extremely knowledgable but also, as all the art car fanatics seem to be, a good guy to 'hang with,' as well. If you ever get an opportunity to see Harrod's movie, don't pass it by!

Here is a 6-minute video of some of the art cars driving around Seattle neighborhoods on Sunday, June 20th.

Check out Scot "Extremo the Clown" Campbell as he parks, jousts and sings in the rain.

Check out the responses from the 'mysterious commander' of the Shuttle Art Car Van. Could the vehicle be part of a secret government plot to get signatures promoting cannabis smoking? Surely not! You make the call after you view this interview done by the I-Witless News Team...

Ranger also assisted his pal, Bugs Bunny, in jousting for doughnuts.

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